9 Quick “Tech Plans” for Your Summer

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Tech Plans for the Summer??

I’m not kidding. I hope you include tech skills on your planning list for this summer (alphabetically, that’s after STINT and before tennis racket). Do you need to learn something new? Is it time to update your website? Adding digital disciplines to your life may seem too much to ask because you’re busy 365 / 24 / 7, however, the digital world is here to stay. I really don’t need to tell you this. You’ve seen more and more how technology is becoming a part of your daily life.

In this post, I’m doing some of your thinking for you and suggesting 9 easy tech plans to add to your summer schedule. I’m skipping why you should do this, but here’s one thought on “why”.

Slip a basket over your arm and hand-pick one or more ideas from this list and then do them in your priority order.

9 Quick “Tech Plans”

Giving page – Is your give.cru.org page in need of a re-do? This is my recommendation for #1 on your list if your giving page is “blank” or not current. Here’s what to do to clean it up.

Discontinue sending PDF letters – I’m saying it again, and it’s increasingly important,  eNewsletters must be mobile-friendly. Half of your ministry partners are reading their emails on mobile devices. In that case, it’s likely they won’t even open your PDF letter. Here’s your options to replace PDF letters and here’s the scoop on why you should consider using MailChimp, my favorite flavor.

Think mobile – Continuing with the “mobile” topic, not only your MailChimp letters, but your website, or blog, needs to adjust to fit the size of your friend’s device. This is the summer to do this re-model. Don’t delay. One month ago, Google changed searches to favor sites that are mobile-friendly. If your site is not easy to read on a phone, you’ve buried it in the search-engine sand.

Think social – That’s where people are… when they’re not riding rollercoasters or flicking Frisbees to Fido. Whether it’s financial partners or disciples, set up Facebook lists and know how to use them. Follow these specific tips and you’ll be surfing through your social network in a meaningful and useful way. You’ll be connecting more frequently and personally with your ministry partners.

Group your financial partners – If you haven’t grouped your financial partners, set aside an evening or two this summer to organize your data.

A recent group I made in TntMPD is for our partners’ communication preference. Does Mary answer a text and Barry a Facebook message? Which platforms do they prefer? Knowing this makes connections easier.

This post will also help you begin to group partners by which fund appeals they respond to. Make this a regular habit for all your fund appeals. The pay-off is worth it. You’ll know who to challenge for a medical need and who responds to end-of-year asks. Read the post for details.

Check the reminder system – At least annually, check that your financial partners receive reminders from Cru for missing donations.

Update your about page – The “about page” is one of the most read pages on your blog or website. Optimize your “about” page on your blog. A casual visitor wants to know a bit about you. This page is your opportunity to make your first impression.

Plan for in-the-moment communication – Do you find that life gets busy and your prayer letters are late or rushed? I have a plan you can use to keep you on track for regular prayer letters, but this is really your minimum. Have you thought about starting in-the-moment communication that takes your financial partners along for the ride? Here’s some ideas for sharing prayer requests and news:

  • MailChimp newsletters
  • A Facebook group for prayer requests
  • Texting before and after an event
  • Send a photo with a little text to groups on your MailChimp list using the MailChimp Snap app
  • Use an app like PicLab to take a photo, add some text, and share on social media (Android or iTunes)

Learn photo skills – Photos are key for great communication. Find some online tutorials or visit the photography posts here on eQuipping for eMinistry.  I’ll continue to have posts on composition, free sites, photoeditting, and more.

If you think tech topics are “no picnic,” I hope I changed your mind. What new skills or habits do you want to try this summer? And… have a great summer!

The image shows some of my MPD plans in TntMPD.

What do you think?

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