Witnessing with Web Addresses

I rushed over to the student union early in the morning, leaving my tracts back at the dorm. I was also in line with a hundred other Campus Crusade for Christ staff as we waited for our blood tests, so I thought I probably would not try to witness to anyone. .  However, a conversation naturally opened up with Lindsay, one of the phlebotomists, and I jotted down a web site address for her. Read more…

I have often written a web address on a slip of paper when witnessing to people, especially if English is a person’s second language or I do not have a tract with me.  You could also write these shorter addresses on the back of tracts at home before taking them along or make a business card with web addresses if you wanted to.

Some easy-to-memorize web addresses you can use are (these work without the http:// and the www):

For evangelism:
EveryStudent.com for college students

For discipleship:
GrowinginChrist.com for learning how to walk with Christ

Also, visit Global Media Outreach for a partial list of their ninety-plus evangelistic and discipleship web sites which you could memorize.

You can make addresses easier to memorize or to include in an email with:

  • tinyURL.com.  You can use the address generated or make your own.  (I had to make a list on Excel to remember the addresses I created.)
  • bit.ly or  tr.im, which assign a random shortened URL for Twitter or texting.  If you create an account at tr.im, it will keep track of your shortened URLs for you. Of course, these really short URLs will not be meaningful and will be harder to memorize, but not impossible (see below).
  • WordPress.com which automatically provides short links now (wp.me), so you can send your evangelistic post easier as a text or a Tweet.  Just click on “Get Shortlink” under your post title when you are writing or editing your post.

Feel free to use any of these shortened addresses I created:

How have you used web addresses in witnessing?

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