Reaching Estonia from . . . My Garage

Malle, I discovered, was from Estonia. Someone had convinced her she could go door-to-door in the blistering Florida summers and sell educational encyclopedias for a summer job.

I had to run back into the house a few times as I was helping my kids paint the hall and they were waiting for me to bring in some more paint. On my first trip back in the house, I clicked on the internet and went to find The Four Spiritual Laws in Estonian. I clicked “print” and went back out where Malle was waiting.

After a little more conversation, I went back in and printed the web site page for the “JESUS” film in Estonian and gathered up the Estonian Four Laws. I was on the same page with God by now and eager to see where our conversation would lead.

I handed Malle the Gospel in her own language. . . (Read the entire story).

Your computer is a valuable resource for presenting the Gospel to people whose first language is not English.

You can print a Gospel presentation in other languages or send a link if you are corresponding by e-mail. People always appreciate receiving something in their own language. When I have done this, people have always expressed their appreciation that I could give them something in their own mother tongue. I am more confident, too, that they will actually read it, especially if they are far from home.  I recently printed a Khmer Four Laws to take with me to the Cambodians who have a small post office in our local gas station.

Your international friends can also watch the Jesus film in their language, if their computer is set up for video. Once, I showed a technician the Jesus film site and even had my computer playing a Serbian version of the film while he was working inside the house. I know he was listening to this “background noise!”

NOTE:  I am a “sower” for just about everything, daily scattering information and encouragement (and the Gospel!) in what I say and do; that’s why blogging is great for me.  Here’s where you’ll find my posts, including true stories, that encourage you to share your faith as a way of life.

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