Part One: Are You Using Facebook Effectively?

Facebook logo iconChances are, you use Facebook as a communication tool, but let’s also explore other ways you could use Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, enhancing communication is great just by itself.  I’ve used Facebook for connecting more  with extended family and with our donor team, for networking, and for pre-evangelism and evangelism.  You may prefer to just use Facebook to keep in touch with close friends, but prayerfully consider at least adding your donor team to your Facebook friend list.

Recently, one of our top donors, and a good friend, mentioned something on Facebook.  I sent her a message and learned she needed prayer to get through the day emotionally.  I wouldn’t have known without seeing her post in my Facebook feed.  I had a similar opportunity a year ago with a nephew who mentioned something with a spiritual undertone.  Responding to his comment was part of a natural eConversation instead of my trying to “bring up the subject” of spiritual things.

Last year, I noticed one of my kids’ former high school teachers was spending a lot of time on Farmville and other games.  After about a week or two, she wrote in her status about recovering from two surgeries and being depressed.  I wrote her an upbeat message and suggested she try signing up as an Online Missionary for GMO.  (I thought this would be a positive change for her.)  She was interested, applied, and still loves it!   I was glad I could help lift her out of her despair and give her a purpose as she waited to recover.

Here’s some other ways to “bring up the subject” of spiritual issues:

  • Write a note about something you learned about life and tag some friends
  • Post links from good articles about God and faith.  (Click here, then scroll halfway down the page to find seven of the most popular articles from
  • Share photos and videos that will spark eConversations.
  • Set up your blog or tweets to feed into Facebook, so you can write in one place, but have your message go to multiple sites.
  • Visit and Media for Ministry for ideas.

Do you limit your Facebook “friends” or have you expanded your list of “friends”?  What works best for you?  Have you had opportunities to minister to people through Facebook friendships?  What ideas have you tried?

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The Series

  • Part Two helps you decide whether to use a Group or Fan Page for your blog or ministry
  • Part Three presents ideas to integrate Facebook with your church or large ministry with more tips about Groups and Fan Pages

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