Part Two: Are You Using Facebook Effectively?

Facebook logo iconIn Part One, we looked at using Facebook as a communication tool to minister to others.  In Part Two, we’ll  look at Facebook Groups and Fan Pages to enhance your personal ministry.  Please share your ideas, too!

You should know the difference between Facebook Groups and Fan Pages before choosing which format to use for what type of ministry.  Watch this video by Brian for a practical explanation.

Now, what do you want to do? Share prayer requests with your donor team?  So… create a Facebook Group and invite those who are interested to join your prayer team.  (Feel free to look at our prayer team group). Decide what settings you prefer for your group, especially if you would like the group to be open, closed, or secret.  You also decide if you want your group members to share their photos and videos.  When you update the group page with a prayer request, your post will send a message to the inbox of your members.  You can also send a prayer request to the group (using “message all members”) if you don’t want your request to appear on the Group page.

You could also use a Facebook Fan page for a prayer team or for a community place for your donors, especially if you want more interaction.  I’ve been wondering about having a Facebook Fan Page for our donor team to interact with us, but maybe that’s just repeating what’s already happening when they visit my Profile page.  Are you using a Facebook Group or Fan page to interact with your donor team?  What has worked for you?

Do you have a Fan Page for your blog?   This might be a good idea for you to pray about, especially if your blog has a theme that invites participation.  (eQuipping for eMinistry has a fan page, if you’d like to join.  I also have a fan page for my blog, The Sower, which should be a great place for people to encourage each other to share their faith as a way-of-life.)

The Series

  • Part One is about basic Facebook communication ministry ideas
  • Part Three presents ideas to integrate Facebook with your church or large ministry with more tips about Groups and Fan Pages

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