Free Twitter and Facebook Downloads

Since the official Twitter bird is copyrighted, others have made similar birds that you can use on your website or blog.  These birds, above, are the “Tweety” design and are available to copy and paste on your site as long as you have a link back to the free download at “Tweety: Free Twitter Bird Icon Pack.”  The download includes several images and would need to be unzipped.  Follow the link to learn how to unzip files, or, if you just want a simple option, choose one image and right-click to “save as” a copy of the image in a folder on your computer.

Also, check out these free social media buttons for Twitter and Facebook.  You can use them on your blog to encourage people to:

  1. follow you on Twitter,
  2. join your Facebook fan page,
  3. join your Facebook group, and / or
  4. add you on as a friend on Facebook,.

If you’d like to try them out first, I’ve put them on my sites and listed them in the same order below.

I have a button to “follow me on Twitter” for my way-of-life witnessing blog, The Sower, and I also have a button for a Facebook fan page on The Sower, too, if you want to try that button.

I put the friend button and a button to join our Facebook prayer group on Mike’s and my ministry site.  You can try the friend button and  friend me, Sus Schmitt, at the same time.

JOIN: Click on the yellow “Not a fan yet?”Facebook button in the upper right on this page to become a fan of eQuipping for eMinistry.

The “Tweety” image above is licensed under the creative commons license and is designed by ChethStudios.Net.

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