Great Blogference Topics to Jumpstart Your Ministry Right Now

RE-Think is a Campus Crusade blogference, an online conference, that will sharpen your ministry skills and connect you with like-minded staff as we discuss ministry philosophy together.

I guarantee you’ll really benefit by dropping in every day this week if you can.

There’ll be one post a week on Mondays, a monthly podcast, and bi-monthly livestream interviews with ministry leaders from Campus Crusade for Christ and other ministries.

Check out these topics that are going on right now, with an upcoming podcast, fifteen authors, and also potentially hundreds of comments from CCC staff and others.

Are We Really Doing Evangelism the First Few Weeks?

Flat for Free – How New Media Can Drastically Change Our Organization

What Online Resources Accelerate Your Growth?

Will You Go Where the Students Are?

What do you think?

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