Google Goggles

If you have a mobile phone, you might be interested in downloading the free Google Goggles app, especially (but not necessarily) if you do a lot of traveling.

This mobile app allows you to do searches with images.   You take a photo of something and then search:

  • in order to locate information about a book on the internet
  • to identify a landmark
  • to translate an item on a menu
  • to identify products and artwork

You can also take a photo of a business card and move the information to the contact list on your phone.

How are you using Google Goggles?

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2 thoughts on “Google Goggles

    1. You’re welcome, Jo.

      I thought you could use Google Goggles to scan a street front and get web addresses for the stores. I may have hseen that in an earlier video of theirs, so I want to try that to see if it works or not.

      Thanks for visiting!


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