Facebook Friends around the World

A picture is worth a thousand words and this visualization of Facebook friends speaks volumes!

Taking a sample of ten million pairs of friends, an engineering intern at Facebook created this data map to show which cities had a lot of friendships between them. (Read how he did it.)

Not surprisingly, you can even detect some political borders in the data. Logically, many people would have most friends within their country.  Iceland, Russia, and other countries don’t appear (as a country shape) in the data map, but it’s possible to see where Reykjavik, Iceland, and Moscow, Russia, are located.

I’m a visual learner and love data, so I found this data map fascinating. What does this image tell you?

Click here or on the data map for a high resolution image.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Friends around the World

    1. Hi, Jo! Good to hear from you.

      I’m sure you noticed where the urban areas are and where rural and wilderness areas are, of course, and then looking at which countries connect with others can show a lot about immigration, too.


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