Your New Year’s Resolutions

Baby New YearDo you make resolutions every January 1st? No matter what you think of resolutions, we know it takes repeated effort to form a new habit.  Here’s some ideas for the new year.

Read the Bible Through

Reading the entire Bible in a year is a frequent and good resolution for a new year. My friend, Keith, found a great way to do it last year, using YouVersion and his smart phone. (See related posts below)

Do Reimbursements Online

A little over a year ago, I started doing reimbursements online.  I’m currently trying to record expenses within a week’s time.  It’s more efficient for me to record an expense online shortly after it occurs.  I don’t have to keep logs and pieces of paper anymore (except for necessary receipts); I just enter the expenses and mileages until I’m ready to submit.  I’ll write a post about this, but in the meantime, go to Staff Services on the Staff Web and get started.

Sign Up to Be an Online Missionary

If you’ve been planning to sign up to help with Jesus for Women or Global Media Outreach.  Why not start today?

Regular Correspondence with Your Ministry Partners

I have a system for keeping up with our donor team to share with you.  I’ve added the habits over time, so don’t be overwhelmed, but just pick one thing from what I do for this coming year that you think would be worthwhile.

  • Download TntMPD and enter your donor information.
  • Gather eMail addresses, birth and anniversary dates.
  • Make a permanent plan for when prayer letters go out, mark it on your calendar, and stick to those dates as best as you can.  (I’ll give you my dates in the next post.  Feel free to use them).
  • Use TntMPD‘s Gift Input weekly to write thank you notes as promptly as possible.
  • If you already do the above, try my system to start sending birthday and anniversary cards.  (also see related posts below).
  • Check this post for LOTS more ideas to be more in touch with your ministry partners.

What New Year’s resolutions would you like to share?

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public domain symbolSource: The image of Baby New Year was printed in 1910 and is in the public domain.

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