400th Anniversary of KJV Celebrates with Global Reading in 400 Seconds

YouVersion has organized a global reading of the Bible in 400 seconds.  If you’ve ever read the Bible through in one year, this would be your opportunity to join others reading the entire Bible together in 400 seconds starting at noon, EDT, on May 2nd.  You can sign up now to read a portion of the KJV Bible aloud.

Four hundred years ago, the King James Version Bible, the first English Bible in the common language of the people, was published. To commemorate this significant anniversary, YouVersion.com offered a free Bible download for 400 hours in February and now the global Bible reading in 400 seconds on May 2nd.  As part of this event, YouVersion encourages participants to also share about your Bible reading on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more on YouVersion’s blog post or on their Facebook event page.


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