What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

I’m very practical.

I’ve thanked my husband repeatedly for years after he bought me a printer and, at another time, a bread machine, so I think a tech gadget would appeal to me for Mother’s Day…  and apparently I’m not alone in this.

Tech Gifts

According to the Orlando Sentinel, many families may want to buy Mom or Grandma a laptop, smartphone, eReader, tablet, or media player for Mother’s Day (also see Tech for Elderly Parents).   Thirteen percent of Americans are expected to buy electronics totaling $1.5 billion this year.

Of course, ask friends or research on the internet before buying electronics for Mom if she hasn’t specifically requested something.  Think about what she likes to do or how the device would add to her life in some way.  She may give you a puzzled look when she opens her gift, but she’ll thank you warmly later!  She’ll probably like any social functions on the devices for sharing with her family and friends.


I read a magazine article recently about the differences in eReaders (if you’re looking for one be sure to buy her some eBooks, too).  I’ll summarize your options here:

  • Amazon’s Kindle ~ This is apparently the easiest to use and to read.  Also, the 3G version allows you to download in 100 countries.
  • Apple’s iPad ~ This is really a tablet computer and the priciest option; however, Mom can surf the web, check her eMail, add apps and more.  You can find other tablets, too.
  • Barnes and Noble’s Nook ~ Mom can share books with other Nook users and check books out from a library.  The Nook downloads apps and also comes in a color display version.
  • Border’s  Kobo and Cruz ~ This link compares the two.  The Kobo was the most affordable of all the eReaders at $100 when I checked.  The Cruz plays music and videos and the display is in color.
  • You could, of course, download apps for Mom to read books on her phone instead, which might be handy, but too small for her.

Other Tech Gifts

This blog is about technology and ministry, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for ideas outside of the traditional flowers and candy, but I’ve got a few more ideas here.  The ideas from TCBY yogurt (who gives out free cones or cups for Mother’s Day) kick-started this list.

  • Put apps on Mom’s phone, Nook, or iPad (many are free).
  • Create a Pandora.com account for her to listen to her favorite personalized music stations on her laptop or smartphone.   Show your soccer mom how to use Bluetooth or an adapter to play her music over her car’s speakers.
  • Make an online donation to honor mom.  If you don’t know what she supports, I can recommend a donation to Magdalena (read how this adaptation of the “JESUS” film has touched women’s lives for Christ).
  • Post on a blog or on Facebook or make a YouTube video honoring your mother or grandmother.
  • Make a photo memory book or other photo gift available from many photo websites.
  • Order flowers online to be delivered to Mom or Grandma.
  • Go together with family members on a Groupon or Living Social deal to treat her to a local spa or restaurant.
  • If you’re a mom, share this post with your family and have a great Mother’s Day!

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    7 thoughts on “What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

    1. I ‘love’ my Kindle. I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and one of the things I was not able to do was read printed material. But with the Kindle DX the screen is big enough for me from without having to ask my eyes to do too much work and I can change the font size etc and this has re-opened the world of reading. I actually never thought I would be able to sit in a chair, put my feet up and read a book again. The Kindle was the choice for me because I am an Australian currently living in the US and so the 3G capabilities let me download books internationally. So I would encourage you to try an ereader. It opened a new world up for me.


    2. Mandy,

      Thank you for sharing!

      I imagine it’s a great help for travelers, too, to have everything on one lightweight eReader. When we camped as a family, I’d take books to read to the family in the car and also many of my field guides. (I identify everything. Trees. Flowers. Shells. Birds….) If I get an eReader I can see now that I’d have to buy some field guides or at least a birding field guide.


      1. Hi, Terry, thanks!

        I wrote this a year ago and now I have a Kindle Fire AND my birding app! 🙂

        Glad you’re plugging your blog. That makes me think of another idea… set up a Feedly.com account for Mom and put some great blogs in a feed for her!

        Looking forward to seeing you in a few months! Sus


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