A Harry Potter Phenomenon on the Internet

Are you aware what’s going on in Pottermore?  The author of Harry Potter and her marketing people sure know how to create a phenomenon on the internet!!  J. K. Rowling will be making an announcement on June 23rd.  Her Pottermore web site changes daily with more content.  Her YouTube video is using flash to have a countdown to her announcement.

This article will give you more details about the scavenger hunt using geolocation coordinates, Facebook page, the teaser web site, Twitter page and the impressive flash YouTube video. (Move your mouse over the owls at the YouTube site).

I’m alerting you to what’s happening in case you want to get some ideas from what they’re doing.  Could you use some of these creative ideas to generate interest and draw people to your content?  Do you know how to use flash to make a “countdown video”?  Could you post on your blog about the event or about the Harry Potter books while this is a hot topic?

At any rate, you can expect a lot of internet activity on the 23rd!

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One thought on “A Harry Potter Phenomenon on the Internet

  1. We just heard the announcement that Pottermore will be an online, social experience of reading the Harry Potter books. J. K. Rowling will interact as well.

    Readers will be able, apparently, to create their Harry Potter world as they read. Digital and eBooks will also be available at http://www.pottermore.com/.


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