Managing Social Media Networks

This is the last in a series of three posts about the great day at Lake Hart we had with our guest, Steve Raquel, on Tuesday (see the first point in the notes below with important information about obtaining the PowerPoints and videos).

Managing Social Media Networks

In helping us understand how to manage social media, Steve suggested using a social media communications dashboard (like HootSuite and Seesmic).  He also described the internet as flowing like a river.  We need to find the best times to be at the river’s edge with our content and then be patient—it takes time to grow a following.  He mentioned how important it is to include Tweets and Facebook sharing and comments on our websites.

You’ll learn more from the video on social media and websites, including:

  • Using OfferPop for promotions within Facebook and Twitter
  • Why having a fan page is a good option to consider
  • The importance of boilerplates
  • Considering using FourSquare for events
  • Capturing data with and Google Analytics
  • Finding aggregators to spread your Tweets
  • And more

Please comment if you attended this session and would like to share your take-aways from Steve.  (I already did an action point from this talk by adding Facebook comments to our hosted blog.) 

You might want to check out the first two sessions.

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  •  Subscribe to e4e and request eMail notifications for future training opportunities and for information how to obtain the link to the videos and PowerPoints for this session (explained in more detail in the first post) .
  • If you want to have a blog and/or website as part of your social media MPD plan, you’ll want to visit the first two sessions.
  • See photos from our sessions at Lake Hart.
  • Steve’s blog is a good resource for understanding and using social media.
  • Steve’s Tweets

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