Using Social Media with Your Donor Team

This is the second in a series of three posts about the great day at Lake Hart we had with our guest, Steve Raquel, on Tuesday (see the intro in the first post with important information about obtaining the PowerPoints and videos).

Using Social Media with Your Donor Team

Steve touched on the concept of integrating several elements: a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, prayer letters, and/or an eMail service.  He had a unique perspective both as a social networking professional and as a donor to several of our staff families.

I asked Elaine of Priority Associates what she thought of the meeting:

First I have to say it was a little overwhelming but that is because I am so illiterate regarding all of the social media.  But I’m very glad that I went.  It helped in the learning process for me.

I became more acquainted with social media that I haven’t used.  It also helped to learn how they can work together.  It was nice to hear an expert say that he didn’t use all of them regularly.  It was good to get a broad picture of what is happening in the world of social media…

It gave me a lot of food for thought to think how to use it with my donors, letting them know more quickly of prayer needs and how their prayers have been answered in the lives of people.  I know about setting boundaries on who comes to my Facebook profile, but I learned much more about using groups.

So, I loved getting a bigger picture and have figured out some baby steps I can take to use social media more effectively.  Thanks.

See the second point in the notes to learn how to view the video on social media for websites, which includes the following:

  • Using Tumblr for micro-blogging from your phone
  • The importance of using photos and videos in Facebook
  • A suggestion to check the chat window in the right sidebar of Facebook to see which of your donors are online
  • And more

Please comment if you attended this session and would like to share your take-aways from Steve.  (Because of Steve’s talk, I’m hoping to find ways to encourage staff to learn and use manageable portions of this strategy.  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming!) 

Come back tomorrow for notes from the next session on managing your social networks.  (Steve will mention using a social media communications dashboard and other topics.)

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  • See photos from our sessions at Lake Hart.
  • In a week or so, we’ll have the PowerPoints and videos from the sessions available.  I’ll let you know at that time how you can view them.  These will only be available on a secure site for CCC staff.  If you’re interested in these videos, simply subscribe to e4e and request to receive eMails about training.  You’ll also learn of other future training opportunities , such as helping staff build these different elements for using social media effectively.
  • Steve’s blog is a good resource for understanding and using social media.
  • Steve’s Tweets
  • You might be interested in sharing MPD ideas with other staff on this Facebook group (ask me for an invitation).

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