MPD, Community, and Text-Prayers (Guest Post)

I went into New Staff Training with the butterflies of a freshman in high school on her first day of classes. I remember telling my husband that I was scared I wouldn’t make any friends and be that kid picked last for Red Rover or something ridiculous like that.

Little did I know that the very next day, as I met my Life Group, I was meeting the women that would become my closest spiritual confidants and literally my lifeblood in the upcoming year-and-a-half of support-raising. From the very first meeting, until the end of Staff Training our hearts were intensely linked by what could only be described as divine: sharing our past struggles, current fears and hopes for our futures in ministry.

After we all left New Staff Training, we plunged into support-raising and slowly lost touch with each other. Individually, my husband and I became discouraged and isolated, not only in support, but in the lack of that intimate sharing of our lives with these other people.

We decided to use our phones to connect. Since our schedules were so different, there were hardly times where we could all talk and share with one another. We found that texting gave us that immediate connection with one another that we were missing. We became a group of ‘text-prayers’.

Several times a week, if not each day, I will receive multiple texts from this group of 5 women. From, “Please pray for the support appointment we are walking into right now”, to “I’m going to the gym and am fighting the lies the enemy is telling me about my body”, to ” I want to kill my husband…please pray for self control =)”. We are able to share details that are relevant only to people who know our whole stories, who are invested in our lives.

These women for me, and the men for my husband, have created this intimate community through texting. I know that when I text that group, there are 5 women who are immediately taking me to the throne of heaven and interceding for me. And, on the flip side, there are very few things that I enjoy more than interceding for these women in that way.

I cannot tell you the victories that I have won this past year-and-a-half since we began this texting group, since these women have led me to the cross on a number of occasions. I have seen more growth this year than in any other in my entire life. I am grateful for them beyond what I can write down. I hope that you also can find the benefits of community in this way.

Guest Post by Megan Berkey

Megan works in campus ministry in Northeast Ohio. She is married to her best friend, Nate, and together they are trying to keep alive a rambunctious cat, Kevin Malone Berkey. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with the women she works with, playing basketball, and seeing the funny in life. You can read more about her life on her blog: My Reply.

NOTE: “Texting” image by Eitan Bar, the virtual-led director in Israel. You can find out about what they’re doing at

7 thoughts on “MPD, Community, and Text-Prayers (Guest Post)

  1. I get it, Megan! I do this too! I have actually two friends, one who I consider a peer, and another who I consider a mentor and I will text prayer requests to them or simply the word “pray” and they do the same with me. We take a moment to stop what we are doing and pray right then and there. We also text scripture to each other from time to time. It has helped me tremendously, especially when my husband is out of town and I am holding down the fort at home. It helps to know that my sisters in Christ are there to support me and they know they can count on me as well!


  2. I have an SOS prayer warrior. I can call and say SOS and then I know she will pray. God guides our prayers and leads us to pray what is important.
    As far as texting for prayer support I have no problem with it. I liked the article but would have preferred to hear a better description of Megan’s husband than the fact he is “sexy”. The world is filled with images of sex bombarding us – what about the character of Godliness, and other Gal. 5 fruits of the spirit! Please keep our CCC communications focused on the higher virtues.


    1. Sara, Thanks for writing! I had a caution in my mind which I should have followed; I was on the same wavelength as you and appreciate your perspective. I edited the bio and in the future will take on the role of an editor as I see fit for any guest posts.


    2. Sara,
      I am so glad that you have this prayer warrior in your life!

      I wanted to respond to you via my description of my husband. I absolutely agree with you that his character should be highlighted when I speak of him. For me, I use the word ‘sexy’ often as a way I communicate something is cool or awesome. Some may say ‘sweet’; I say ‘sexy’. That word to me communicates that my husband is valued to me in so many more ways than his physical features. I will be sure to be more careful in the context of my use of this word.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


  3. For you men out there – texting is INVALUABLE when you know you are being tempted by the master manipulator of our minds that all of a sudden is telling you…’s alright …..go ahead… one knows……and anyway …….you deserve it and you NEED it…..
    Then is when I along with an accountability partner – send the other a text saying PRAY – I am being severly tempted….or whatever – then the other drops what he is doing – goes into warfare praying for the other – then calls or if no time then – text an hour later or the next day and says – “well….victorious?” But we meet face to face once per month and whatever encouragement from the scriptures we have received in this area – IF the other succumbed we exhort like crazy! IT WORKS!


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