MPD and Socia Media by Brian Barela

MPD and Social Media

Were you at CSU2011?  Even if you weren’t, today’s your opportunity to attend Brian Barela’s seminar, Taking MPD to the Next Level with Social Media.

Listen in

  • Open this link on the Staff Web. Scroll down to the seminars for Saturday, July 23rd. Brian’s talk is near the end of the list.
  • Download (either open or save) the seminar audio file.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Brian has a LOT of content, so you’ll probably want to save the file and listen several times.  Just pick out two things to try for now and come back to listen for your next steps after that. I don’t know how long these seminar files will be available, so that’s another good reason to save the file.  (I put several files on my MP3 player and listened during my workouts.)

Read along

How are you using social media with your donor team? Do you have any suggestions to share?

NOTE: View more presentations from Keynote New Media Labs–Campus Crusade for Christ

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