Your Own CCC Personal Fundraising Page (Guest Post)

In a few easy steps, Campus Crusade for Christ ministries (or individual staff members) can create their own personal fundraising page on  (You may even have a volunteer run the fundraising page for you.)  Create your page quickly and easily and start emailing your partners to begin fundraising for your project in minutes!

If you would like step-by-step instructions, download a PDF file, “Steps to Creating Your Fundraising Page” and follow the directions. (You can also save these instructions in Google Drive.) Some changes have been made since this file was written, but it’s still good to use.

Guest Post by Mike Fleetwood: After five years serving with McDonnell Douglas as a civil engineer, Debby and I joined Campus Crusade For Christ in 1982.

I served 11 years in Computer Services with my last job as the Corporate Data Processing Manager, and then I served another 11 years in fund development with International Ministries and History’s Handful, managing major donor events and the major donor field rep team.

In 2003, I formed a new department called Fund Development Services and have been the Director since that time.

5 thoughts on “Your Own CCC Personal Fundraising Page (Guest Post)

    1. Hi, Judy,

      At this time this fundraising page is designed for raising lump-sum amounts (instead of monthly donors). It’s also possible with this page to have someone else raise the funds. For instance, you could be looking for large gifts for an event or a project and have one of your athletes run the page.


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