Thoughts on Mentoring Women in Technology, Part Two

In my last post in this series, I summarized two excellent articles about mentoring women in technology and asked for your ideas.  Today, I have some mentoring tips. (Again, this post is applicable to men and to mentoring in other areas as well.)

Mentoring Tips

Ekaterina Walter of the Huffington Post listed advice for mentoring in The Role of Mentorship for Women in Technology.  Here’s her suggestions (mostly verbatim):

  • A mentor has faith in you, pushing you to be better and encouraging you to keep moving forward when the going gets tough.
  • A mentor is honest with you, even if truth hurts.
  • A mentor shares experiences and best-known practices.
  • A mentor shares his/her network to help you succeed.
  • A mentor helps you towards your own vision by helping align your actions with your goals.
  • A mentor has to make a commitment and stick to it no matter what. The role of a mentor is to push yourself out of the job by your mentee doing it well.

Create a Barrier

Ms. Walter also wrote:
It is impossible to meet with everyone who wants your time as a mentor. If you are in that position, create a barrier to entry to ensure your mentees are as dedicated as they expect you to be.

Are you a mentor? Do you set “a barrier to entry” to manage your time and resources? What tips would you add to this list?

Recommended: Read Part One and the associated articles about how mentoring has changed…  and specifically about “wo-mentoring.”

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