Bringing Social Change to Pinterest

Ami Musa’s Pinterest boards are quite different from the glitz and glam shared by many Pinterest members. Ami is a fictional 13-year-old and her message is clear: we take for granted clean water and an education. Many millions like Ami cannot.

For a Personal Account

Here’s some ideas of how you could use Pinterest to God’s glory:

  • Share important information and / or links to good content.
  • Promote a friend’s blog who is trying to share Christ through her writing.
  • Share Judy Douglass’s posts. She always has a picture that you can use to pin her post.  Add a short comment (or a quote from the blog) with the photo to pique curiousity so people who see the photo will want to go read the post.

For a Nonprofit Account on Pinterest

If you are part of a ministry, here’s some ideas that other nonprofits have tried to raise awareness and fund their efforts:

Are you already ministering through your boards? What would you like to do differently on your Pinterest account? Do any of these sample nonprofits and their boards inspire you to try something similar?

What do you think?

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