Free MakeUseOf iPad Guides

Free iPad Guides

A friend just introduced me to which offers 50 free guides. You can buy the guides on for 99 cents and support their work, or you can receive the guides free by liking them on Facebook or Twitter or by subscribing.

Here’s some of their iPad Guides:

Five-Star Guide

The apps in the Five-Star Guide are for reading news, books, and PDF files; for watching TV; for drawing and photo editing; for blogging and writing; for music, games, and social media; and for productivity and business.

Here’s some samples:

The Five-Star Guide also explains about international keyboards, syncing eMail accounts, extending battery life, wifi problems, and more.

More Guides

They also offer many other guides (in addition to iPad guides) which I’ll write about in the future, but you can certainly explore on your own instead of waiting for me.

What do you think?

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