Lots of Blog Fodder from the Social Media for NonProfits Conference

I just returned last night from spending a great three days in Austin with our staff.


On Tuesday, Paul of Bridges, Donna of Here’s Life Inner City, and I attended the Social Media for NonProfits Conference. Most of the conferences have been held already for 2012, but the Seattle and New Delhi conferences are coming up soon.  New York City and Vancouver are the only ones scheduled for 2013, but I’m sure they’ll have about a dozen locations eventually.

We all felt the conference was very helpful and also enjoyed meeting and networking with people from Texas nonprofit organizations.

I also know of several other staff who’ve attended the conference at other locations this fall.  I’ll be talking with them and comparing notes. I picked up a LOT of ideas to share with you on e4e. The conference was also helpful to me for ministry as well as for information and encouragement to pass along to you.


I’ll write about the consulting part of my trip tomorrow and about an opportunity for you to give feedback on a report about “Cru and Social Media.” Check it out.

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