Social Media, Cru, and You

Our leadership is interested in YOUR feedback on a study of Cru and of our use of digital tools.

SLI Action Proposal

Recently, I attended a presentation of a Social Media Action Proposal, based on a staff research project for the Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI). Here’s an excerpt:

“Cru staff want and need help using digital tools. A huge obstacle is providing ongoing support for staff to help them set-up, maintain and grow in their ability to use Cru’s digital tools effectively.

“… most staff do not prefer to use innovative or new digital tools, but they are very passionate about sharing the Gospel.  The biggest opportunity for change is helping our staff connect their passion for evangelism with the opportunity to use digital tools to multiply their ministry efforts.”

Everyone involved would greatly value your response to their research and proposal. Do you agree with their assessment of how staff adopt digital tools? What is your biggest challenge and do you think technology tools would help  you? What kind of support or training do you need to learn digital tools that could make your ministry more effective? Please leave comments at:

NOTES: If you need a password for the video presentation, eMail sus dot schmitt at ccci dot org. If we want to discuss this on Twitter, I suggest #crusm (Cru social media).


I was already looking forward to consulting with our staff in Austin this past week and even more so after hearing the proposal. Priority Associates gave me a room to use for classes and to do some consulting. (Thanks, Kay, for the red carpet treatment!)

The staff taught me, too. Learning about their challenges and needs equips me to be a better advocate for them and to make eQuipping for eMinistry a significant resource tool for Cru staff. I appreciated this opportunity to better understand the special needs of our field staff and their ministries.

I loved being with the great staff in Austin and enjoyed their warm Texas hospitality!

Want More?

  • More photos from Austin . The above photo is of Zack, Paul, Sande, and Kay as we discussed social media.
  • Part One, on the social media conference in Austin.

3 thoughts on “Social Media, Cru, and You

  1. Totally agree with their summary and your comments – I, personally, got involved – and stay involved – in social media for these reasons… it helps me connect with people (passion for people). I enjoy the involvement more because I have received help and encouragement. I find that social media for sharing my faith is effective. The info from this video summary is key for aligning staff to social media. Great job!


    1. You’re reminding me, Terry, that I haven’t watched the video yet!

      I like being more connected with people through social media. eMail was a small step in that direction, but social media is a giant step providing better interactions with my old and new friends.


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