Pretty Your Posts

It’s that time of year again when turkey and cranberries top our plates while friends and family fellowship at our tables.  And while we speak to one another with words of thanksgiving, we remember the many blessings we have been given.  Even our blogs, tweets and Facebook posts reflect the attitudes of our hearts with messages that communicate the magic of these moments.  Then before we know it, not only do our lives overflow with thanksgiving, but also with Christmas festivities such as trimming our trees and decking the halls.  So why not make the most of this holiday season by not only decorating our homes, but also decorating our blogs?  Websites such as Shabby Blogs or The Cutest Blog on the Block can help anyone beautify an entire blog or simply make one post look pretty.  In fact, the attitude-of-gratitude graphic pictured here can be found at The Cutest Blog on the Block when you click on buttons under the accessories tab.  These websites enhance your page with a wide variety of options from bolder backgrounds to unique accessories, whether you use WordPress or Blogspot, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Facebook!

I was first introduced to these two fabulous websites when I started blogging.  I admired my friend Meaghan’s blog (which you will enjoy reading at Meg and the Boys). Meaghan was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to help me get started.  And I am so thankful because without her help, I might not have had the courage to leave little paper trails that come from my heart in the shape of blog posts.  Now I have the opportunity to pay Meaghan’s generosity forward by helping a fellow friend to pretty up her posts at Entertaining for Eternity.

It takes time, but I believe it’s worth the effort to serve a little holiday cheer to the virtual guests who visit your blog, just as you would to those guests who visit your home.  So take a moment and pretty your posts for both this holiday season and beyond!


  • We recommend Nan’s blog, Entertaining for Eternity for God’s perspective on ministering to people through our homes and also for easy and affordable tips for the holidays!
  • Meet e4e author Leaha Shaikh and read Leaha’s posts on e4e.

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