Social Media and How God Speaks to Us

Instead of blogging, John writes “mini posts” in his Facebook status. He figures that he reaches more people through Facebook than he would with a blog.

One of his friends asked him “to avoid long status updates… People have a short attention span. They cannot ‘like’ what exceeds three paragraphs.”

This request turned John’s thoughts to how God communicates with us.

I’ll let John explain:

God doesn’t do Twitter or Facebook or advertisements. He made books. And not short ones…

But maybe, God speaks with little regard for brevity and conciseness in the same way I take time in writing my [Facebook] posts:

  • He doesn’t want people to like Him, He wants people to know Him.
  • He knows you only have so little time. That’s why it means so much to Him when you take a piece of it to spend reading things about Him.
  • [He writes long messages] because He thought so much about every single word. So much love and thought, that compressing it, giving you only what you want to read would speak less of how much He loves and cares for you.

He appreciates comments. And when you like what He says. But He appreciates it more if you actually went out of your way to tell it to Him personally. Because that also speaks of how much you care for Him. And He wants to know you too.

NOTE: John Buenaagua of the Philippines shared these thoughts on Facebook and said I could pass them along to you.

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