Free Advanced Excel Download

Sus and Bob at Excel seminarLast month, Bob Mac Leod, our resident international finance, and spreadsheet, expert at Lake Hart, gave an entertaining presentation of Excel features for about fifty staff. (Who knew learning advanced Excel could be so much fun!)

Bob created a great handout for all of us to learn about:

  • Using Excel graphs in other software such as Word or PowerPoint
  • Keeping a history of changes (spreadsheets reflecting different time periods)
  • What to do about the default date setting (e.g., “6-Nov”)
  • Navigating Excel  more fluidly with keyboard keys
  • Lookups
  • SumIf and CountIf
  • Sorting and filtering (also by color)
  • If/Then statements
  • Text to columns
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Exporting and analyzing TntMPD data to Excel

Download Bob’s Excel handout on Google Docs.

Bob Mac Leod

Assignment: International Financial Management, Orlando

I have served in the accounting department my entire time on staff, starting in 1992 in the U.S. office and since 2006 in the global office. I graduated from the University of Utah with an accounting degree. I am married to Kathy and have two sons, Colin and Camden.

Although I have an accounting degree, my primary interest and activity is in teaching. I teach financial management systems (both accounting systems and personal finance) so that missionaries can be more effective… and the gospel can go forth with fewer impediments.

I now have a blog as well, TNTtips, to help you learn how to use TntConnect (formerly TNTMPD) to propel your MPD into the stratosphere.

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