Finding Exact Colors

Color Picker

Do you want to match your font to the color in a photo? Would you like to change the color of the headings in your blog post? I’ll show you how to use this easy color picker.

I uploaded a family photo and then clicked any part in the picture to see what the HTML and RGB codes are for that color. I decided on that eye-popping purple for our lesson. You can also use the URL for an image in this color picker. (I know it’s hard to see the numbers in the above screenshot, so here’s a larger version if you’d like to see the codes next to the purple square.)


By using this tool, you can find colors from your photo and use them for accent colors in your prayer letter. Use the “more colors” option and choose the custom colors tab. Fill in the RGB numbers and you’ve matched exactly!

Custom Color

Blogs and Websites

Here’s how I changed the font colors for the headings in this post, by filling in the 6-character HTML code for the purple.

Custom Color HTML

You can also find the colors from a website by using the URL in the color picker

TIP: In an older version of this blog, I made an Excel spreadsheet of sample fonts and used the background yellow of the blog for the table’s cell colors, then I took a screenshot of the spreadsheet for my post, inserting the image. It was a lot easier to show each font this way, especially since some were specialty fonts not available in WordPress.  The yellow blended in to the site making it appear like I had typed each line in the post. (Here’s the sample post, but I switched back to white instead of the old yellow cell colors).

What other ways do you think you could use this color picker?

3 thoughts on “Finding Exact Colors

  1. You’re welcome, Terry. I’ve used the color picker for a number of different projects. I needed it again last night to change the text box color on a brochure I’m making. I’m sure staff will find this very useful.


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