Headquarters Is Going Google This Weekend

Going Google

The “big switch” happens this weekend for most of the Campus Crusade staff at Headquarters. (Cru is switching email, calendar, and contacts from a Microsoft Exchange system to the Google Apps system in March.  This post is pertinent to Cru staff). I’m not a trained “Google Guide” so you should check with your guide if you have questions or concerns.

Field Staff

If your switch is coming March 8 to 11, read my first post about some things you might want to do now before March 6th. By March 6th or so your eMail will begin making the migration behind the scenes, so stop any “spring cleaning” of your inbox and folders by that date.

Be aware that staff at headquarters are going to be slower than usual in responding to your eMails this next week or so.

Staff at Lake Hart

Stop cleaning up your inbox and folders in Outlook now.  If you have a personal gMail account, I imagine you could continue to clean that up if you want to merge it in to your Cru account after the migration.

Plan to Work Together

On the first day your eMail is migrated, you might find it helpful to work as a group . Someone else may figure out something that stumps you and vice versa. I think you’d both learn faster together.  Also, remember:

  • your past 30 days of eMail migrated over the weekend and then your older eMails will trickle in. 
  • your folders will be replaced with labels. (You can label or “unlabel” a group of eMails by checking multiple eMails and apply a label to them using these instructions.)

You have a lot of information available to you on Cru’s Going Google site. Here’s a link to FAQ’s so you can see answers to questions that are important to you.

2 thoughts on “Headquarters Is Going Google This Weekend

  1. My team migrated to Google last week as part of the early adopter program. We did what your suggesting. The entire team took the first 4-5 hours of the day to get functional in Google. Those who wanted to sat in a common area. Others worked individually, but there was MUCH walking around asking how someone did something or sharing how they had done something. We focused on getting email set up in browsers and getting mobile phones synchronizing.

    We brought coffee and donuts and had a fun time “teaming” together into Google.


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