How Maarten Integrated Social Media to Open a New Campus

Some staff in the Netherlands were able to reach students in Belgium. You can try the steps Maarten took to expand your ministry with social media.

Here’s a summary I took away from the video:

Before going:

  • Pray
  • Create a Facebook page and ads (Learn how from

While on the new campus:

  • Meet your contacts
  • Meet other students
  • Invite interested students to a group meeting later in the day

After your return:

  • Coach key contacts through Skype
  • Create an online community with your new disciples (Skype as a group or use a closed Facebook group or create a GCX secure community)

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2 thoughts on “How Maarten Integrated Social Media to Open a New Campus

  1. I really liked this. It shows that God is more concerned about seeing His people connected to others who can help them grow in Christ than we are and that He will use any means to make that happen.


    1. I liked it, too, and hope to have more ministry ideas like this on eQuipping for eMinistry. What struck me is how easy the Facebook effort was to do ahead of going to the campus and made their time in Belgium more fruitful.


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