Wordle for Your Blog

Have you discovered Wordle?

Attractive Word Images

If you’re at a loss for an image for a blog post, why not use Wordle to create a word image? Judy did that for this post: There’s Meaning in a Name.

Could you use Wordle to create an image for a post about the attributes of God, spiritual gifts, or your travel destinations on a ministry trip?

Help for Nailing Down that Blog Title

You could also use Wordle to help focus your thinking about a blog title.  Paste your post in the box and the most-used words will pop right up for you, helping you focus on a good title.

Secondary Thoughts
  1. You could use Wordle to edit your post.  Does “there” or “that” show up too frequently? Also, check out a thesaurus for some good words to enliven your writing. (Check out the possibilities for replacing the overused word, “people.”)
  2. If you are careful about tagging your blogs to find more readers, you can use Wordle to decide on tags. (Check out e4e posts about tagging.)

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