Sharing #FallingPlates at Easter

We have an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people with God’s Good News this month. Several staff on the CCCi Digital Strategies Team are encouraging hundreds and thousands of Christians to share the #FallingPlates video with their family and friends during Holy Week.

Have you seen this compelling video yet? According to a press release:

#FallingPlates explains the gospel message in a simple, relevant and compelling way. Various visual metaphors are used to clearly show our relationship with God as it’s meant to be, and invites the viewer to a true and lasting relationship with Christ.

Take a few minutes to check it out:

In just three months, the video has had over 380,000 views. Even now, 2000 people watch the video weekly without any promotional effort.

What you can do

  1. Share the video (see below).
  2. Mobilize and encourage others to share their faith using this film. (Why not make it a group activity with your disciples or Bible study group?)
  3. Ask God who you should share #FallingPlates with. Pray that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who watch it. 

Where to share

Please share this video broadly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs.

FallingPlates tweets

How to share

Pay attention to trends and current events that lend themselves to easily talking about spiritual things with people in general. How can you connect the message of the video with the “buzz” on the internet? (See Notes for help.)

Find common ground with your audience. What would be a message that would readily and specifically connect with your non-believing friend? Focus on themes from the video of love, self-worth, and purpose. Be sure to answer your friends’ questions after they watch the video. Follow up with them as soon as you can.

When to share

Please follow these guidelines for sharing #FallingPlates:

  • Write a blog post about Easter during Holy Week and embed the video. The Digital Strategies Team is especially interested in having bloggers do this.
  • Tweet about the video from March 29th to 31st.
  • Post links to the video on Facebook and other social networks, especially from March 29th to 31st.

What you could share

You can use this link and hashtag: and #FallingPlates.

Here’s some suggested phrases to use:

  • “4 min of powerful visual images that demonstrate God’s love”
  • “when you’re hurting and life goes to pieces.. where do you turn?
  • “when life falls apart… who do you turn to?”
  • #goodnews in 4 min”

Will you join us and encourage your friends to help spread God’s Good News through this engaging film? Share a link to your blog post here!


  • For more help read these e4e posts: Using HOT Topics and What’s Trending?
  • I’ve just started tweeting alerts about trends and current events to help you know what the hot topics are online that you might be able to use. Look for #e4eblog Social Alert from @SusSchmitt.  I hope this will be helpful for staff to know what they could be posting and sharing. (Currently, St. Patrick is still a hot topic for the 18th and the new pope, Pope Francis, is already a hot topic and will be inaugurated on the 19th.)
  • Do you still need help? Just ask!

8 thoughts on “Sharing #FallingPlates at Easter

  1. Is it ok if i shared it now? easter is in a weeks time and i usually don’t do much internet within the those dates.


    1. Yes, of course, Sera. If it’s an important time for you to be disconnected, that’s okay. We’re glad you want to participate. In general, though, we want most sharing activity to be on March 29th in order to help the video go viral. (For anyone else reading this comment).


  2. A tool which when use in the power of the Holy spirit many souls can be connect ed to Jesus. I would like to use this tool by the grace of God.
    I am not very good at the moment about embeding the video in a post.
    This is an encouragement and a previllage to be part of what God is doing.


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