e4e at MPD Boost

If you’re attending the MPD Boost conference in Orlando on April 9th, look for the eQuipping for eMinistry booth in the lobby.

  • You can sign up for MailChimp classes. (April 16th for beginners and May 2nd for intermediate users.)
  • You can subscribe to e4e.
  • Find out how e4e can help you with MPD:
    • Take better photos,
    • Save printing costs,
    • Write better letters,
    • Learn when the best time is to send eMails,
    • Learn how to update your giving page,
    • Ask me about integrating social media, a blog, and MailChimp,
    • And more.
  • Learn what’s coming for new features on TntMPD.
  • Tell me what tech help you need.
  • Just say “hi!”

5 thoughts on “e4e at MPD Boost

  1. Hey Sus,
    Do u know if the mailchimp classes will be on a webinar or at least captured on video or screen cast and then posted afterward for folks who are not in orlando (like me)? 🙂 I hadn’t heard about it until reading your post just now.


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