Eleven Ways to Use Boomerang with gMail

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a personal assistant who reminds you to follow up with others when you send them an email but they don’t respond? That’s just one of the amazing features of Boomerang.

Boomerang expands the power of Cru Mail to make it even more useful. Here are four familiar scenarios:

MPD Appointment:

  • You email for an MPD appointment, planning to follow up with a call before Sunday if they haven’t replied.
  • With Boomerang you can set up a reminder for Saturday, BUT ONLY if they haven’t yet replied to your email.

Staff Team Business:

  • You email your staff team to reply back to you with names of who they invited to your Fund Development banquet.
  • If your team hasn’t responded by Monday, you’ll get a “boomerang” reminder to follow up with them.

Family Reminders:

  • On your way to work you email your son to sign up for an SAT Prep Class at school today.
  • You “boomerang” the email so it pops back into your inbox at 5pm so you remember to talk with him after dinner.

Boomerang also allows you to schedule your emails:

  • On Sunday night, you look over your calendar and send emails to each person you’ll meet that next week as a reminder.
  • At the same time you schedule a follow up message to send automatically on the morning of your appointment reminding them of the meeting and asking them to reply if they need to cancel.

With Boomerang you track if others open your email or click links in your email (just like MailChimp) to measure if the content of your email is connecting with your readers.

The deadline for indicating your order is April 23rd, 2013

Boomerang is so useful, I use it ten times a day! If you join many of us who depend on Boomerang, we can lower the price below $6/month. The non-profit group rates vary anywhere from $6.50/month/user for 3 users down to $1.42/month/user for 8,000 users. If enough Cru Staff jump in with us, it could be very affordable to have this powerful tool. (The organizational version is $15/month if you buy it on your own.)

You A: “I’ve heard enough, let me know how I can try and buy Boomerang.” Me:  Click here.

You B: “I’m not convinced. Tell me more of this Boomerang you speak of.” Me:  Try Boomerang free right now. (You can only use Boomerang up to ten times per month for the free trial version.)

Share this offer with your friends so we all can pay a lower price!

Are you ready to try and buy? Click here.


  • Besides the features mentioned in the video, you can:
    • Set up recurring eMails (weekly reminders, annual birthday greetings,…)
    • Attach notes to the eMail so you remember why it’s pending
    • Use their mobile feature
  • Find more Boomerang how-to videos

Ryan McRBio: Ryan is a National Director of Operations representing the Northeast Region of the Cru Campus Ministry. He lives in Boston and is passionate about keeping Missionaries on Mission. He has three teenagers and has been married to his amazing wife Alex since 1991.  His website is The McReynolds Cru.

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