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Have you subscribed to e4e: Best of CCC Tweets (published by this blog through Currently, the paper features blog posts from some of our staff and leadership, plus links to other articles that they share on Twitter. Twitter links are “translated” into a readable newspaper format. You don’t need to have a Twitter account to read the paper.

If you’re on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and think your tweets would contribute to this paper, tweet me or send an eMail to sus.schmitt at or comment below. (Only tweets with links are published in

Recent Additions

e4e’s online newspaper will be even better with two new additions.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) posts weren’t showing up in e4e’s own paper! I added e4e this morning.

The Twitter account for the U.S. National Staff Conference has been changed to  I added this account to Best of CCC Tweets and will also look for #Cru13, the official conference hashtag.


Please include #Cru13 in your tweets about CSU2013. Any tweet with this hashtag and a link will be published in that day’s edition of Best of CCC Tweets, so please share links about travel tips (use #CruTravel), about the keynote speakers, and any other links related to CSU.

Update 06/27/2013: Now hashtags work on Facebook, too!

If You Want to Subscribe…

Imagine receiving an eMail that gives you up-to-the minute ideas for your ministry. You’ll also read posts from CCC global leaders and read articles they recommend. makes it much simpler to get a quick look at some topics you care about or to follow multiple CCC bloggers’ posts and tweets, using a familiar newspaper format.

Read the paper and subscribe here. If you subscribe to Best of CCC Tweets, you’ll receive eMail notifications of the latest editions.

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