Watch Out for Photo Sizes: A Tutorial

Lindau_Harbor_Lake_Constance_MS_Schwaben 750x380

“Is something wrong with MailChimp?” my friend asked. He then described some quirky things that were happening.

I told him I’d actually just done the same two types of campaigns the week before without any problems. Andy dug into the issues and here’s what he wrote me:

Apparently, MailChimp has a 10MB storage limit on its image gallery. (That’s where every picture and graphic you upload gets placed.) When…  editing functions started to fail, I must have been reaching my limit. Finally, I got to a point where I couldn’t upload pictures anymore. There’s no warning indicator when this happens. I couldn’t even find anything in the help system that specifically addressed this issue. I stumbled upon the reference to the 10MB limit sort of by chance.

I got into this situation because I was uploading images such as Cru logos without compressing them (the screen version is almost 2MB and the print 4MB). I also uploaded images that I eventually didn’t use because I was trying them out to see how they would look and fit in letters. So bottom line, I accumulated excess images…

I went into the image gallery and deleted all but pictures that I was using or had used for past letters. Performance and upload snapped back…

When Do You Need to Compress Photos?

If you print prayer letters, write blog posts, and send MailChimp letters, you’ll need to learn how to compress photos. If you use the full (large) size of your digital photo:

  • the print file can get too large for printing letters
  • you may run out of room in your media library for your blog
  • … and in the image gallery for MailChimp and other similar accounts (as Andy found out)

So, you’ll want to compress your photos.  (You don’t have these problems with Facebook because it compresses photos for you during the upload. TntMPD also compresses photos.)

Compress Your Photos

In this video, I walk you through the following steps, as well as explain what you need to know about photo sizes within MailChimp.
  1. I use Windows Explorer to find the photo (Go here for a Mac version of this).
  2. Right click on the image and choose “open with”  Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then follow these steps (or watch my new video)
  3. I have a separate photos folder to place my compressed images.  This forces me to remember to SAVE AS a new image so I don’t replace my original with the compressed version.
 (Update 8/21/2013: A friend alerted me to a great online service, , that crops and compresses for you, sending your compressed photos back to you in a zip file. If you don’t know how to unzip files and / or you use MailChimp, you should still watch this video.)

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The image of the harbor in Lindau,Germany, is available on Wikimedia Commons.

7 thoughts on “Watch Out for Photo Sizes: A Tutorial

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I appreciate your encouragement! 🙂

      Wow! is pretty cool. It can even decide the most visually appealing crop for your photo and has predefined sizes, like the Facebook timeline cover image (which I know is 850 x 315. They also compressed the photos. Thanks for sharing this info with us.


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