Your Must-Have Tech Tools for MPD

I was getting ready to post this video when I received an encouraging note on FacebooK:

Sus, great job on your seminar. I just watched the cliff notes 10 minute recap “Effective Communication for Ministry through Technology” — very helpful!

Thanks for organizing so much into one brief overview. Quite transferable.

Short and Long-term Goals for You to Consider

I’m sharing this endorsement of the video to persuade you to set aside ten minutes to watch it. Whether or not MPD or tech skills are on your Personal Development Plan, you should think about these concepts and decide what is the one thing you could do in the next month or two. Here’s the basic four to choose from:

  1. Send a supplemental eMail in addition to your prayer letter
  2. Have a central database
  3. Visit your friends in your MPD Facebook list
  4. If you choose to create a website blog… post regularly

The video will give you an overview of what you should have in place for great communication with your financial partners. As you decide how to update your electronic correspondence, you need to also keep these questions in mind:

  1. How can I have more social connection?
  2. How does my content look on a mobile device?
  3. Does my reader have to do too many clicks to get to where I want them to go (less is better)?

After you watch the video, I’d love to hear from you. What are you going to implement or change asap? Long-term?

How to Apply This Concept to eMinistry

That will be Part Two!  Stay tuned!


  • In the video, I mention “embassies” and “outposts.” This concept is from Michael Hyatt. See “A Social Media Framework.”
  • This ten-minute presentation is from my seminar, Effective Communication for Ministry through Technology, given at CSU2013. I also now have a transcript of the video.
  • If you want to see the slides, including my notes, from the video, I uploaded it to the e4e blog, so if you click this link you’ll immediately download the PowerPoint.
  • Four friends also joined me after the PowerPoint to form a panel of experts on eMinistry. For links to some of the panelists’ topics, see the post, Effective Communication for Ministry through Technology Seminar.

8 thoughts on “Your Must-Have Tech Tools for MPD

  1. The video was very helpful and I will be giving some time to working on my own effective use of this soon. Thank you!


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