Suggested MPD “Tech Plans” for the Rest of the Year

TntMPD EOY tasks 750x380I have some important ideas you may want to consider now for your end-of-year (EOY) ask. These supplement the task timeline on the StaffWeb. (1)

First a little background…

In a recent post, Keith Seabourn alerted us that financial partners and potential donors may already be doing their “comparison shopping” for giving starting in September. (2)  (I’ll include his recommendations in today’s post.) Also, you’re probably aware of Black Friday , Small Business Saturday , and Cyber Monday, but did you know that last year was the first #GivingTuesday? (3) To me, these things mean you may want to add some MPD tech tasks to your September through November plans.

An MPD website

The ONE thing you should do now, if you haven’t already, is to make sure your page is up-to-date. (4) This is your MPD website if you don’t have one elsewhere.

If you don’t have an MPD website / blog, put that down as a priority for next year unless you happen to have time to set one up soon. Make sure you choose a “responsive” website that adjusts on its own to all screen sizes, from smartphones to monitors.

Your MPD site and your site should be current and cast vision for your ministry and include a good photo.

Tech Tweaks

The rest of these ideas are up to you. I’m doing them all, but I’m sure you’ll just pick what you have time to do before the end of November or what you feel is most important for your financial partners.

  • Post a video on your website’s about page or giving page
  • Switch to mobile-friendly MailChimp templates
  • Make sure blogs, prayer letters, MailChimp eNewsletters, and some eMails:
    • have the link to your page
    • have click-to-call links to our 800 number for donations (5)

I know that all the many pieces could be too much to consider, so starting in January, I plan to have suggested goals for Campus Crusade staff to spread throughout the year, learning new tech skills monthly. I covered some of the basics at CSU2013. (6) I want to present these recommendations in a do-able way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

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The image shows some of my fall plans for MPD.

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