CCC eBooks for You

Photo Taken by zandwacht on Flickr
Photo Taken by zandwacht on Flickr

Would you like a good eBook to download for your next trip? My alphabetical list contains printed books available in Kindle format as well as eBooks which are only available in a digital format. (Read the footnotes for more information.)

Dan Hayes

Dick Purnell’s 31-Day Experiment books

Heather Holleman

Holly Melton

Jim and Barbara Grunseth

Joe and Cindi Ferrini

Josh Irby

Judy Douglass

Laura Krokos

Lori Joiner

Matt Mikalatos

Mary Henderson

Nan McCullough

Nancy Wilson

Ney Bailey

Randy Newman

Stacey Thacker

Taryn Richardson Hutchison

Tim Downs


  • Please contact me if you know of CCC authors to add to this list. If I included all the names you’d expect, like the Brights, Josh McDowell, the Raineys, et al, the list would be quite lengthy, so I’ll let you search the internet for these authors; however, I have included eBooks (which you might not know about) written by our leadership (who you obviously do know).
  • Many of these authors have blogs. Look for them on this list of CCC bloggers.
  • Check out more CCC lists (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)!
  • Cru Press Green also has digital material.
  • Need help? Read Everything You Need to Know to Build Your eBook Library

8 thoughts on “CCC eBooks for You

      1. Yes, the glories of collaboration! I only got past the second chapter but it was pretty cool. I read it with a student of mine on campus briefly.


  1. Wait, Randy Newman is a CCC staff? Questioning Evangelism is THE way to go in a Post-modern, Post-christian country like the Netherlands!

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