3 Easy Steps to Facebook Ministry

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When I watched this video on Indigitous.com, I knew this was a good time to remind you of opportunities to learn about digital strategies.


Indigitous comes out of Campus Crusade for Christ’s Global Digital Strategies. Learn more about internet ministry on their blog and attend an Indigitous conference near you (Dates are from November through May).

  1. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  2. Panama City, Panama
  3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  5. Hong Kong

Using Facebook Pages Effectively

Miheret shares tips in this video from his experience with successful Facebook Pages used for ministry. His three tips are focus, consistency, and budget (which is really minimal!). I’ll let Miheret fill in the details for you in this video interview:

For those of you without access to the video, the three easy steps are:

  1. Focus – make sure your Facebook page sticks to one purpose or theme
  2. Consistency – Miheret recommends posting every two hours. You can do this through tools, like Hootsuite.
  3. Budget – Just $10 or $20 can help you reach hundreds of thousands. For free, you can still spread your message. It’s helpful to share photos and to have volunteers who will share your page in various places on Facebook.

Video Interview of Miheret Tilahun, Director for Digital Strategies for Southern and Eastern Africa, Campus Crusade for Christ. Miheret’s blog is My Generation for Christ. He also guest posted on eQuipping for eMinistry where he shared thoughts from Isaiah 40 in The Internet Is Our Mountain.

Miheret explains, “I started ministry when I was 12 years old in local church and I was involved in Student Led Movement since high school with local Campus Crusade for Christ. I joined on staff October 2008. I am passionate in using Internet and media for accelerating ministry and reaching many for Jesus. I am based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.”

Find Miheret on Twitter at Mercy4u.

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