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I’ve been following my own advice these past few months.

One thing I mentioned in the e4e post, Suggested MPD Tech PlansYear (you might want to review this post), was to have a good MPD video on your “about” or “gving” page on your MPD website or blog.

I just uploaded the following video, To the Ends of the Earth, to eQuipping for eMinistry’s YouTube channel so you can use it, too.  I think you’ll agree this film is a good quality video covering Campus Crusade for Christ’s history and highlighting various ministries. I especially like that the script includes our financial partners as part of what God is doing.

You can also download the video from Google Drive.

WordPress Users:

  1. After downloading, click on Add Media
  2. Click on Insert from URL
  3. Paste http://youtu.be/P9UunYtAn18
  4. You’re done.

You could use a different method with Insert YouTube for step 2, if you prefer.

NOTE: The photo was taken from the video and is of Campus Crusade for Christ founders, Vonette and BIll Bright. (Visit Dr. Bright’s memorial site.)

7 thoughts on “A Video for Your MPD Blog

    1. Fascinating idea, Brenda. I hadn’t considered that. My first response is the give site probably cannot accommodate an embedded video. You have a few options… Suggest donors “watch this video” with a link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9UunYtAn18 or take a screenshot from the video and then have a link to the video when they click the photo. This sounds like something worth posting because videos don’t play within MailChimp either. I’ll look into this and write a post about how to do these two ideas. A drawback, however, is you’re sending your donor away from the giving site when you do this, which may or may not be a problem. If the giving site webmaster is open to allowing embedded video (and capable of allowing it), that would be great. I’ll ask.

      So glad you updated your giving page and just in time, too, for the giving season is high at the end of the year!


  1. Step one says: After downloading… Um, how do I download this?

    Am I downloading it to my computer then to my media library, or, am I downloading it directly to my media library?

    I copied the link and posted it on my about Cru page, but only the link shows. When I click it, I am taken away from my page and into YouTube.

    I’d really like to imbed the entire video on that page. Is it possible?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


    1. Figured it out. First, I copied the video link directly into the blog post text box without using the add media tab. Then I clicked on the preview changes button in the right sidebar and saw the video itself on my page. Of course, I hit update to save the changes.


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