Pray for Indigitous Conferences

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The Indigitous Conference starts tonight in Waterloo, Canada. Attendees will learn from experts and strategize with others to reach our world with digital tools. We’ll not only learn, but will be involved with active field projects.

I have a plane to catch very soon, so I’m just grabbing the following about our projects from the Indigitous website so you’ll have some specific prayer requests for the conference besides the usual prayer requests for travel safety.  Thanks for praying for us!

Please pray for these projects

Decisions to Disciples

Vision: After viewing an evangelistic piece, we need a platform that directs people to appropriate content based on their response to assist with moving indicated decisions to contactable disciples. This product could be transferable to any evangelistic tool with the main desire being to encourage them to take the next step in their faith journey (toward discipleship) and not just experience the evangelistic tool as an end in itself.

Volunteering Event Program

Vision: We want to use code to facilitate volunteering and community engagement. We have an existing platform that was developed and used for hosting a 2 week volunteering event in the community. With a bit of work, we hope to modify the code into a template and create the ability for any Church or local community to be able to use our platform to launch a volunteering event that gets hundreds of students and residents out serving and interacting positively with those who could benefit from a lift up in the community.

Chat as Engagement

Vision: To engage people at the moment that matters most & connect them with real world communities. We want to let visitors of any Gospel related website engage in conversation with Christians around the world through chat. The system will allow visitors to get connected to someone geographically close to them, with the capacity to match using additional heuristics using data such as likes, friends, page visits etc. The Christian operator will then be able to share additional resources, share their own story and much more. This is project is in the final stages. There will be opportunity to work mostly on the metric based algorithm that decides who chats with who.

Develop Your Personal Digital Strategy

Vision: This is applied digital strategy. As great as it is to be involved at the nuts and bots of developing digital tools in the workshop, we also need to be developing a personal strategy for using tools in every day life to reach and impact others. Team Blue is the place to survey the landscape and lay hold of practical ways you personally want to implement in your personal approach to connecting with, engaging and influencing others with your faith online. Team Blue will also be involved in looking at how the other Kitchen teams function, with opportunity to speak into the development of the tools that are under development.

More about Indigitous

More  hands-on conferences are scheduled. Each with a different emphasis. For instance, the Ethiopian conference will focus on using mobile strategies for evangelism and discipleship in Africa. I will try to keep the following list current, but to be sure of dates, etc. check the events calendar in the right sidebar of eQuipping for eMinistry or go to the source,

  1. Engagement (near Toronto, Canada – November 5 – 7, 2013)
  2. Accelerate (Panama City, Panama – November 20 – 24, 2013 )
  3. Connect (Hong Kong – April 10 – 12, 2014)
  4. Mobilize (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – May 7 – 11, 2014)
  5. Experience (Amsterdam, The Netherlands – May 15 – 17)

Indigitous comes out of Vice President Ken Cochrum’s Global Digital Strategies. (Check out Ken’s blog, On Leading Well).

What do you think?

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