Sharing the Christmas Story

Mary and Joe 750x380

Looking for some ideas to share your faith this Christmas?

Try sharing one of these links through eMail, Facebook, or Twitter, or by posting them on your blog. Pray about a specific friend to share these with and be sure to be available to talk with your friend afterwards about what it means to trust in Christ.

If you have other evangelistic articles and videos to recommend, please share them with us! Thanks!

  1.  ~ Your Best Christmas Ever? (Marilyn Adamson)
  2. JESUS Film Media will be posting shareable content at 9 PM EST December 20th through 24th on their FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Linkedin sites. These are available for you to share the message of Christ’s birth. .
  3. UNTO US is a trilogy of short films exploring the Christmas story in a 21st century setting. Here’s part one, Mary and Joe. The end of the video clicks through to the shepherds’ and the Magis’ stories.

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