Follow the Leaders

Follow_the_Leader 750x380All of the links below are for Campus Crusade for Christ leadership blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds.

Steve Douglass

Judy Douglass

Follow More Leaders (alphabetical order by last name)

Andrea Buczynski

Leonard Buhler

Lesley Cheesman

Ken Cochrum

Keith Davy

Tommy Dyo

Cherry Fields

Mark Gauthier

Charles  and Rebecca Gilmer

Tom Goodwin

Mark Householder

Pete Kelly

Gilbert Kingsley

Greg Lillestrand

Josh McDowell

Dennis and Barbara Rainey

John Sather

Bekele Shanko


  • Here’s my Twitter list of more CCC leadership.
  • You might like to subscribe to Best of CCC Tweets, an online newspaper generated by top tweeters from Campus Crusade for Christ, International. All of the Twitter accounts listed above are contributors as well as others.
  • Click on over to our Blogrolls for more blogs and websites.
  • The photo of the Follow the Leader sculpture is free to use on Wikimedia Commons. The sculpture is in Ludington, Michigan, near the harbor.

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