Your Success Stories: From Cameroon

You Did It TrophyThis eQuipping for eMinistry success story comes from Cameroon! My email conversation with Mathias Tipas started after he received a MailChimp email from me on June 23rd about using MailChimp.

Mathias: I made an effort but unable to establish my mailchimp list correctly. Thank you for all the efforts for our success.

Please pray for me as I will be giving a keynote address to senator and parliamentarians during their leaders prayer forum.

Sus: Sorry you have had trouble with your list.

What a God-given opportunity! I will pray, of course!

Mathias: I was able to send my June- July 2014 update in my blog.

With mailchimp I can easily design good newsletter, know who has opened and  [the] location of those interested in what we [are] doing in the vineyard of  the Lord.

Someone sent support into our account as I was informed by our local accountant but did not tell me who sent it. Pls is it possible for me to check online our account at Orlando so as to know who are those donating? I want to send a thank you letter and our campaign to the donor.

We shall greatly appreciate the help.

Sus: You’ve done a wonderful job moving from an attached PDF letter to using MailChimp. I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

TntMPD does not automatically update your donations and addresses. You need to be in a regular habit of doing this. It’s easy. Here’s the instructions. If you haven’t done this in a while, set your date range to start earlier than the last gift you currently have in TntMPD in order to download all that have come in since then.

Does this answer your question? I download gifts once per week. Would that frequency work for you, too?

Thank you for patiently pursuing my advice. I was completely tied up from January to mid-July. I had a lot of catching up to do on other things after that.


Mathias: I was unable to pursue your advice as I went out for mission. I am back and your advice is helpful.

I am still following instructions you sent in one of your post on how [to] use tntMPD. By the grace of God I will succeed as with mailchimp.

I also have our personal give page edited. Click here to see it.

I am grateful to God for you particularly and others who have been very instrumental for our progress.

Sus: I’m glad to serve you about technology and MPD through eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e).

Have you seen any donations come in through your emails or blog posts?

Mathias: Yes I checked and I saw some support came in.

Thank you for helping me take away the burden.

Sus: What do you mean “take away the burden”? Do you mean these tools have helped with donations?

Mathias: I dont need to go again to our financial office before I can  know who has invested in our lives and ministry. I can  now just extend my appreciation to exact individuals. It was not so before.

We are soooo excited. We are convinced the time of the Lord to lift us up has come after many years of pains. Joy comes in the morning and painful days never last for long!

The Lord alone will reward you.

This conversation with Mathias alerted me to how I’ve taken for granted the many useful tools I have to do ministry effectively. It’s been a privilege to help Mathias get started with some of these… just through sending him blog posts!

It’s rewarding to me, of course (especially knowing English is his second language), that he’s been able to grasp the use of new tech tools through e4e’s understandable instructions.

Would you like to see the progress Mathias is making? Here’s a recent MailChimp letter by Mathias. As I recommended, he updated the Tipa’s giving page and he’s added links to it on his website and on MailChimp emails. Mathias and Sylvia’s ministry blog is a WordPress website from Cru’s He’s learning TntMPD as well.

Your determination and dedication are inspiring, Mathias!


BIO: Mathias focuses on the mission of winning, building, and sending government leaders and professionals to impact their spheres of influence for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Sylvia works with leaders of tomorrow, students, with the same mission. When Cameroon ‘s government leaders are not in session, Mathias collaborates with churches and para-church organizations by inspiring and equipping their members for mission.  Sylvia is passionately restoring the dignity of women and unlocking their potential.


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