Hangout with e4e at Facebook Seminar

R & D Vann
If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, join us on Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at noon EST (that’s Orlando time) for a one-hour seminar to help you think strategically about Facebook and ministry. My friend, Roger Vann, of Agape UK, will be at Cru headquarters to present insight and advice on what it means to be “salt and light” on Facebook. Experience the highest-rated seminar at last year’s Student Winter Conference in the U.K.You won’t want to miss this seminar!

Seminar Information

The seminar is over. I  recommend reading this post for an overview of the content and for feedback from the attendees.

UPDATE 02/06/2015:

BIO: Our guest speaker, Roger Vann, joined Cru two years after Judy Douglass, i.e., a long time ago.  He and his family moved to Western Europe in 1980, currently living in the United Kingdom where he has been part of the Area Digital Strategies team for ten years.

He has served as an eMentor with Truth Media (CCC in Canada) and (U.S.) for the last eight years.  Roger is currently the U.K. national coordinator for a new European ministry website called – where over 1,000 people have already posted their testimony in one of seven languages.  He is also designing an eLearning online course for FamilyLife UK of their popular seminar “A Day Together”.

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