Making the Most of Facebook Seminar by Roger Vann

Are we salt and light on Facebook?
Are we salt and light on Facebook?

Thank You for Attending the Seminar

Thanks to all who came to the Making the Most of Facebook Seminar either in person or online through Google Hangouts. We had a few technical difficulties, plus, it was a learning experience for me. (For instance, I didn’t know running Google Hangouts and running Google Hangouts on Air are different.) Thanks for your patience!

Making the Most of Facebook Seminar Overview

Roger challenged us to be purposeful in our presence on Facebook. Some of the questions we considered from his talk:

  • How do we want to be known as a believer on Facebook (and other social media, too)?
  • How can we be more strategic in our use of Facebook?
  • How do we add value in what we share?
  • Are we balancing an effort to connect with people with genuine conversations?
  • Are we engaging well?

Roger included practical examples and links to resources.


I’m pleased with this first attempt at including others outside Lake Hart in an eQuipping for eMinistry seminar (there’ll be more). I’m sure you’ll find Roger’s material encouraging and useful (see below for links). Some of the attendees shared:

I enjoyed the talk given by Roger.  I can’t say I’ll ever be a prolific FB poster or participant, but what it did for me, honestly, was to help me personally settle the internal argument for the the justification of using Facebook as a way to engage rather than just a way to waste time.  I appreciate Roger’s research and think his message should have a wider audience than headquarters staff.  Seems a perfect topic for a CSU seminar, if he’s willing to cross the pond again! ~ Cindy

The training was amazing!  Beat my little head to a pulp.  Hugely helpful on so many fronts. Humor!  Pictures!  All good. ~ Dayle

Thanks that was very helpful!   I know you go out on a limb sometimes trying to see what might help us staff.  Thanks for your ministry!   ~ Lori

Learn from Roger

You didn’t miss out on this opportunity. Set aside an hour and allow Roger to encourage you to learn some ways you can be salt and light on Facebook. Here’s’ what you’ll need:

  • The video is embedded in this post or click here. (The content starts about the two-minute mark).
  • Roger’s Prezi slideshow that goes with his talk. You should be able to follow along while listening to the video.
  • Roger’s handout with links to resources.


  • See photos from the seminar.
  • The salt and light image is from the Prezi slideshow.

R & D Vann

BIO: Our guest speaker, Roger Vann, joined Cru two years after Judy Douglass, i.e., a long time ago.  He and his family moved to Western Europe in 1980, currently living in the United Kingdom where he has been part of the Area Digital Strategies team for ten years.

He has served as an eMentor with Truth Media (CCC in Canada) and (U.S.) for the last eight years.  Roger is currently the U.K. national coordinator for a new European ministry website called – where over 1,000 people have already posted their testimony in one of seven languages.  He is also designing an eLearning online course for FamilyLife UK of their popular seminar “A Day Together”.

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