Best Image Sizes for Social Media

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Best Image Sizes for Social Media

Do you know the best image sizes for your trending tweets, Facebook kudos, Pinterest latest-find, and your other social media updates? Is that fabulous family photo cropped off under Uncle Dave’s nose? Get the right sizes for your images to look their best on social media.

SumAll recently published an infographic that visually illustrates the best lengths for five of the top social networks. Right-click on the photo (or click here) to see the full-size infographic in another tab. Click the infographic to enlarge it.

Always Have the Latest Image Sizes for Social Media

These recommendations only last until the latest technology comes along or until changes are made to the sites, but SproutSocial has come to our rescue in their Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes. They know it’s next to impossible to be aware of all social networks’ current image sizes, so they keep this post updated for you.

If you’re in charge of social media for your ministry, also check out their always up-to-date Google Sheet and sign up for email notifications when they update the document.

Photo-editing Help

What’s that? You don’t know how to resize photos? Here’s two photo-editing options for you. The first is do-it-yourself and the second uses an online tool. Both are free.

  1. I wrote a tutorial post and video on resizing images to help you get those images “shaped up” with PaintNet.
  2. It’s easy creating social images with an online photo tool like Canva. Drag and drop your uploaded photos into the specific templates and make your images even more shareable with text (read more).


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