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I wrote earlier in Watch Out for Photo Sizes: A Tutorial about the need to compress photos (think: “volume”). Now this post is about resizing the dimensions of photos (think: “puzzle pieces”). The previous post was about large photos taking up a lot of space in media libraries for blogs and for MailChimp and in your friends’ eMail inboxes. This post is about making photos the right size to fit a space. The above slide shows you all the possible dimensions a photo might need to be.

[UPDATE 06/03/2015: How to keep up with the latest requirements for Best Image Sizes for Social Media. I recommend a free online tool for easy editing of your social media images with Canva. You might use that tool or Landscape and skip this tutorial, or read on for DIY photo-editing, especially for the Oxygen theme for WordPress.]

You may find a photo you love is not going to work for your blog post or a MailChimp eMail. For instance, if you have a blog theme with featured images or sliders, a photo that is too small may not appear and a photo that is too big may overwhelm the space provided for it. Also, if you realize your photo is too small and try to force it to be much larger, it will become grainy (see When Photos are TOO Big).

This video tutorial will help you with these scenarios:

  • Your photo is not quite the size it needs to be.
  • Your photo is great, but your blog theme automatically crops in the wrong place.
  • You want a photo to be in one of the dimensions listed in the Image Sizes slide.
  • You’d like an idea how to keep track of resized images.
  • You have a graphic on a white background that you’ll need to add more background to before cropping.
  • You’re using the Oxygen WordPress theme. is what I’m using in the video. Go to to download for free (use this link because other links may contain spyware).

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