Ministry Hacks at Cru17 (Repost)

As disciples of Christ, we have been called to go to all nations and today with the advances in technology, those nations are merely a click away!

In fact, using technology for ministry is not a new concept.

Think back to Paul using papyrus paper to write letters to churches, the Gutenberg Bible, Aimee Semple McPherson’s radio broadcasts, Billy Graham’s televised crusades, and today there is an array of apps and social media that are changing the landscape of how we communicate and share the gospel in every corner of the world.

Not to mention some of the most challenging countries for missionaries to safely access are some of the most prolific users of social media. That’s right, most people in the Middle East love Facebook and so should you!

Digital strategies are not just a bonus item for us to look to when we’re bored or stuck. Digital strategies are empowering our generation to help fulfill the Great Commission.

So where do you begin?

Ministry Hacks at Cru17 is a program to teach Cru staff more about digital ministry and how to reach more people with less time, energy, and money. We understand the digital world is constantly evolving, and we want to help equip you to be a light on these ever-changing platforms!

What does this involve?

Join us for 30-minute talks each day at Cru17 from 3:15- 5:00pm in Durrell Hall for interactive sessions from various ministries that will give you knowledge about social media, marketing your ministry, tools we have to offer and much more!

We understand Cru17 is a busy time but our desire is for this program to be an easy and efficient use of your time in furthering your knowledge and application of digital ministry! Once you register we will send you a custom suggested curriculum based on your preferences.

Register here to be a part of this awesome program if you’ll be attending Cru17.

Especially for e4e readers who want to know what’s available for tech + ministry at Cru17:

I’m maintaining your one-stop spot for everything you’ll want to know about social sites, events, video, and audio content, just go to


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