Reaching European Students through American Professors

Reaching European Students through American Professors

I’m trying my hand at podcasting for eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e). This first episode is about reaching European Students through American professors through Cru’s Faculty Commons ministry.

Initially, I’m interviewing Cru staff for e4e podcast content, since the majority of eQuipping for eMinistry’s subscribers are also members of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). If you’re on staff and have a great story, please contact me at e4e at I’m happy to feature our staff on eQuipping for eMinistry!

In this first official podcast, my husband, Mike, and I interviewed Daryl and Ceil Wilson, on staff with Cru’s Faculty Commons ministry. Daryl and Ceil have been good friends of ours for decades. We’re delighted to introduce you to them.

Listen to the Podcast Interview: Daryl and Ceil of Faculty Commons

Podcast Notes

Using timestamps, these notes mention highlights from the audio with any needed links.

00:25 Introducing those in this podcast interview:

  • Sus Schmitt -is the eQuipping for eMinistry webmaster and a blogging consultant for Cru staff
  • Mike Schmitt –  is a business analyst in the Digital Products and Services department at Cru’s headquarters
  • Daryl Wilson – equips professors through Faculty Commons conferences and online materials
  • Ceil Wilson – collects and writes stories about the impact Christian professors are having worldwide

01:00 Daryl explains why Cru’s Faculty Commons ministry takes American professors to Europe on missions trips.

02:25 Ceil shares that the U.S. is probably only 50 years behind Europe in becoming a post-Christianity country and what that means for how we do evangelism.

05:20 In bringing American professors to interact with European students, the professor will likely be the first Christian professor these students meet and will also be the first professor to show a personal interest in them.

07:40 Daryl and Ceil spent a year with our Agape Italia staff. One thing they helped them with was how to do an end-of-year ask of their American donors.

09:00 Mike asks why American donors are important to our Italian staff.

09:45 Sus asks what the barriers are for our Italian staff in trying to find donors from their fellow Italians.

10:45 Mike asks how the Italian ministry of Cru is able to find large sums for their projects.

Thanks for Listening!

Your feedback will help me know what direction to take for podcasting for eQuipping for eMinistry. Do you want more content like this?

Daryl and Ceil Wilson’s Bio

Cru staff since 1979, Daryl and Ceil Wilson currently serve with Faculty Commons, Cru’s ministry to college professors. They work alongside a staff team of 80 nationwide to mobilize and equip professors to bring the hope of Jesus to their colleagues and students–on their home campuses and around the world.

Daryl recruits resources for Faculty Commons’ mission and equips the staff and professors through conferences and online materials. Ceil works with professors at Southern Methodist University, plus collects and writes stories about the impact Christian professors are having worldwide. Together, they recruit and lead teams of Christian professors to minister internationally alongside American  students and Cru staff in Italy and England.

Visit their website:

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